We the undersigned are citizens that oppose our city’s incineration of recyclable waste. We are proud that in 1989 Philly became the first municipality in Pennsylvania to establish curbside collection of residential recyclables. We are proud of initiatives such as the Philly Recycling Rewards Program and the Streets and Walkways Education and Enforcement Program which work to achieve our goal of becoming a Zero Waste city by 2035. The work of our city officials and the actions of our citizens have made a serious impact in a short period of time. Since 2008 Philadelphia has made great strides towards becoming a green city. There has been a 155% increase in tonnage of recycled material annually.  Philly’s recycling rate has risen from a pitiful 8% to a respectable 37%, surpassing the national average of 26%. Recycling has huge benefits for our planet and our city. We preserve our limited natural resources, reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are irreparably damaging our planet. Recycling can also generate money for our city. In 2012 Philly made $6.6 million recyclables revenue and saved $8 million in disposal costs.

The incredible progress that we as Philadelphians have made toward making our city green is being threatened by actions of our current leaders. After contract disputes with recycling companies, our leaders have decided to only recycle half of the recyclable waste that Philadelphians produce. The other half is incinerated. Yes, that's right... the materials that Philadelphia mandates you to clean, sort and recycle is just being burned. We need to let our officials know that we as citizens want real recycling in our city. If we are going to commit to a green Philadelphia from our end, we want the same commitment out of our government. Sign the petition to let our leaders know that you are committed to a green Philadelphia and that you want the same out of them.

Sign the petition

Show your support for STOPPING burning of our recyclables and for a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN for the future of recycling in Philadelphia.

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